Shadow of Mordor : the best open-world game review


Lords of the Rings may be regarded as one of the works that are often adapted by the modern entertainment industry. Tolkien created a complex universe is not only born again in the form of a big-budget Hollywood movies are epic, but also video games. Interestingly, a different approach is being conducted, spawned variants Lords of the Rings games of various genres, from just a hack and slash action, RPG, MMO, until MOBA though. The new approach is offered by the developer of the famous game series FPS FEAR - Monolith. Through Middle-earth project: Shadow of Mordor, they tested a concept Lords of the Rings are different and unique at the same time.


You are able to read our previous preview of course already have some idea of the concept of what is offered by The Shadow of Mordor. Just released in Mordor dangerous battlefield, gamers had been given the freedom to explore the optimal since the beginning of the game. Mechanics battle may seem intuitive and familiar to gamers who had become Batman Arkham series in the past into its own selling points. Powered by the visual quality is quite pleasing to the eye, Shadow of Mordor managed to offer a first impression so strong. Moreover, the implementation of its Nemesis System incredible counted. So, how North with the overall performance of this game? Why do we call it as one of the best open-world game? This review will discuss it in for you. Welcome to Mordor, where despair, darkness, and death being the only way to "enjoy" today. Nothing better understand this concept seems, besides Talion - a Ranger of Gondor are assigned to maintain and oversee the Black Gate. Middle-earth it was in a dangerous condition after Sauron, slowly but surely, began to gather the strength of the new forces that largely consists of the Orcs and Uruk Hai. Unfortunate fate for Talionthis also be the end of a happy life.
Being the target of attacks from three army officers Sauron - The Black Captains consisting Hammer of Sauron, the Tower of Sauron, and Black Hand of Sauron, Talion should strive to ensure that the two people he loved, his wife - Loreth and child - congratulations Dirhael of invasion surprise this one. Talion sacrificed in a ritual to summon the king of the elves - Celebrimbor which will have a significant role to help combat fought Sauron. But instead of joining the Black Captain, Celebrimbor actually ingested by Talion, making it safe from death. However, as a consequence, Celebrimbor was lost memories of his past. No one can explain why Sauron so wanted him. Sharing the same body, good Talion and Celebrimbor was set out to fulfill their sacred duties. Talion primary mission has been very clear, look for the The Black Captains and kill all three. While Celebrimbor trying to rediscover her identity and of course the reason, why he looks and sounds so significant for Sauron's plans to take control of Middle-Earth. But their struggle will certainly not be easy. Thousands of troops Orcs and Uruk Hai already waiting, a barrier between the Talion and The Black Hand of Sauron. So, can the Talion complete the mission of revenge? Who were these Celebrimbor and why it is so important in the eyes of Sauron? Threats such as what should they encounter along the way? All the answers to these questions can answer by playing Shadow of Mordor .


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - PlayStation 4

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