Far Cry 4 review - Danger, That So Beautiful!


Outstanding natural beauty but your life is at stake. This promise is always offered in every Far Cry series to date. And this promise also successfully performed with slick in Far Cry 4. Armed with courage alone, you will be taken to the civil war in the small country nan Beautiful, kyrat, accompanied by a familiar feature of previous Far Cry, and of course a variety of new things - that arguably - is able to make you feel at home to play this game for decades hours.

Various promise is offered by Far Cry 4 even when you're just playing a few moments. However, we all know that behind the promise must be a disappointment if it does not successfully met as desired. Of course, Far Cry 4 has advantages and disadvantages, it is  who is not. For that, you need to look more deeply about what is stocked by Far Cry 4 in the nets to capture you in this large world .

Welcome to kyrat

Ajay Ghale back to his homeland, a small country near India named kyrat, after childhood raised by his mother in the United States independent state. The goal is simply to spread the ashes of his mother who had preceded him in my beloved homeland, in accordance with the last will of his mother dearest. However, full of nostalgia trip that ended with gunfire and death of those around him; and meeting with the most powerful man in kyrat, king of Pagan Min.


Pagan Min must be recognized to have eccentric tastes, from clothes to his attitude. Did king (precisely: dictator) which are not? It turns out that Ajay and Pagan Min has a mysterious relationship, as well as mother and father Ajay. However, information regarding their relationship is lost because of the Golden Path, militant groups that fight oppression Pagan Min, helping Ajay out of the grip of the eccentric king.
It turns out that the civil war going on in kyrat closely related to the family Ajay. Not only that, it turns out in the body of the Golden Path own schism and power struggles between Amita Sabal charismatic and visionary. Ajay becomes the object of attention from both sides, even to be contested. Therefore, who is elected Ajay can realize his future ...


free Adventure
Kyrat offers free world to explore. So you will be made free up dazed by size. Probably because most of the area in kyrat met by hills and wild to Waypoint you always need to be put on the map. Thus, one would expect you would need a lot of time to get to know the area that is in this game.

However, that does not mean you will easily find all the secrets and dangers that are stored in the earth kyrat. Even after buying a map showing the various positions you are still secret will be made surprised by another secret that does not exist in the map. Similarly, the wild natural hazards will continue to surprise you at every opportunity.
Yes, the wild in kyrat not be taken lightly. In fact, the danger level is much higher than previous Far Cry. Especially of its inhabitants, ie animals that were there. The existence of animals is one of the elements that can not be released in the game. Therefore, they provide the ingredients for making a variety of upgrades, such as increasing the number of guns that can be taken, amount of money, ammunition, up to the amount of loot that can be taken. Loot usually found in crates or enemies you defeat for the next sale.

In addition to getting an upgrade materials, namely skin, you beat animals also provide meat to be used as bait. Funnily enough, this feedback can be used to attract carnivores when thrown to the ground. Because of this relatively rare type of animals found when searched and it occurs when you are careless, then the feed is helpful when searching for the animal skin. However, not only that its usefulness. The feed can also help in the battle!
How can? It turns out that it is calling the wild carnivorous animals, such as leopards or tigers, can be used to make enemies topsy turvy. Just imagine when you have to get into the castle full of enemies, but the bullet is low or dying. Just throwing enough feedback to the middle of the enemy away and let nature clean up the rest!
Methods adventure in kyrat quite a lot, ranging from land vehicles, water, until the air. Various cars and Quad Bike can be found quite easily here. How to distinguish between friend and enemy properties also easy, because they color the vehicle with a special color. Enemies always use red and blue friend. Universal enough, is not it?


You are bored with the usual vehicles like that? Far Cry 4 offers another accommodation of different vehicles and capable of "bumping" your opponent with devastating. elephants; yes, you can ride an elephant! Before you can use this live tank of course you have to meet certain conditions, namely, learning the skills to drive it.

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Far Cry 4 - PlayStation 4

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