Total war series are turn based game on the campaign, and can transform into Real Time Strategy (RTS) on the battle. My first total war is Rome: total war, but now I will talk about the next generation of total war series after Rome: total war. My choice for this sequel are Medieval II: total war, why? Because I haven’t finished the Rome: total war when the first sequel of Medieval : total war launched (you know total war series grand campaign can’t finished quickly huh? I saw it first on the store, and take it to home after know it’s a total war series. When I know the title is are Medieval II: total war I know there is must be have the first sequel, and I think the second sequel will be more awesome.
As a total war series player, no need to have much time for me to learning about the interface. There is just two mode, turn based mode and the RTS mode. On the , turn based mode we will campaign on the Europe and little part of Asia and Africa. We can manage our kingdom or faction on this mode.

On the RTS mode you can command a unit, like footman, horseman, archer, siege weapon, etc. you can order them to move, attack, manning siege weapon,etc. all unit depend on how you manage it on the campaign mode for recruiting, disband, upgrade, etc.

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