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Assassin's Creed franchise to appear as one of the successful action game set new standards in the gaming industry. Historical setting are well constructed, plot the future and the past are engaged in a neat plot, as well as a powerful combination of parkour movement grow into that identity can not be separated from the flagship franchise Ubisoft this one. Regardless of the overhaul of the story that is injected in each series were released over the past few years, Ubisoft also trying to inject a myriad of innovations in gameplay to prevent repetitive impression is counted vulnerable. All these innovative efforts finally arrived at the top of its application, in the series which is also set to be released on next-gen consoles: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
Indeed there are a myriad of reasons to look forward to welcoming this one series. In addition to the countless pirate theme is unique, the fact that this will be the first series of the "stand-alone" after the end of the story of Desmond Miles in the third series is unlocking the potential direction of a new story to be exploited by Ubisoft. You are able to read our previous preview of course already have some idea of what is actually offered by AC IV: Black Flag this. Epic sea battles, with the taste of the Assassin who still thick and the world becomes a much more massive sweet spice on the surface.
So what is actually offered by AC IV: Black Flag this one? Why do we call it the best pirate game that had stopped in the gaming industry?


Templar and Assassin, two opposing ideological camps with this is still a cog story for each new trip offered by the latest series Assassin's Creed. Assassin positioned as a stabilizing force and the sword of truth that is ready to subdue the Templar obsession to create absolute regularity, where freedom is not an important part at all. This sacred mission carried by each invidu who gives his life as an Assassin. But not with Edward Kenway.

Edward Kenway is not a legit Assassin. Across the seas as a lower class workers, the opportunity to achieve a more successful life and flooded with gold wide open after Kenway won the battle against an Assassin defector who was on a mission for a Templar, a mission that could potentially produce heavier gold bag for him. Taking the Assassin outfit and posing, Kenway's ambition would open a bigger mystery. The key that he will get increased the potential of the Templars to find Observatory - a technology that allows individuals to track and determine the location of anyone in the whole world. But to find this place, the Templars had to find someone who is known as the "Sage".
Uncovered false identity does not necessarily make Kenway surrender. The information he got from the Templars this would make increasingly eager to find Sage and Observatory, not for idealism save the world, but its potential as a source of extraordinary gold. Instinct and greed that has shaped its identity as a pirate and encourage Kenway journey down the ocean. In the course of "holy" is, Kenway also trying to build a dream city - Nassau, a pirate city where freedom becomes a major charm, a city where the British colonial government class and Spain did not have any effect, and the famous pirate Blackbeard classmates and Charles Vane began to create their own identities. Unfortunately, the trip itself was filled with so many obstacles.
If we take the time to think for a moment, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag became the first Assassin's Creed series that carries the main characters are two different types of jobs - even with ideals are different from each other. Characters other AC class Altair, Ezio, and Connor Kenway had only told through life purely as an Assassin, as the leader of a faction that exists only for one main purpose: blocking the absolute regularity afforded by the Templars. The fact is what makes this attractive Black Flag. Ubisoft has two big job: to make sure Edward is able to carry a strong identity as a pirate, but on the other hand - while presenting Assassin subtle impression of him. Task successfully executed very well.
His role as an Assassin does not offer new innovative gameplay mechanics at all. Edward action on the ground is more representing formula that has been built at Ubisoft in the third series. No longer can just simply do parkour in the building, a variety of terrain such as trees and cliffs also be a medium to move to places that are hard to reach. Like the previous series also, you only have to press one button to do a quick run and parkour action instantly. Sword fight with two schimitar as the main trademark is also carrying a similar system and is not difficult to master. May be present extra challenges of variants enemy now requires its own strategy to be subdued.
There are so many elements of Black Flag, which seem adapted from Ubisoft's other projects - Far Cry 3. One is the system that is now enhanced hunting and positioned more crucial. With dozens of islands lying in the Caribbean sea, you now have the opportunity to find and hunt animals that occupy every place distinctive. Not just for a sale, but most of the main raw materials to provide armor and more powerful equipment to Edward himself. Crafting system now requires leather or certain animal bones before they can be accessed.

map of AC black flag

The sea, is the main charm and identity that defines Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag itself. The fact that Edward is not just an "Assassin" but also pirate, demanding Ubisoft to make sure this one element capable executed well. The best answer? Of course, the perfect elements that managed to make a lot of gamers fall in love in the previous series AC III - Battle at sea. Exchanging cannon fodder in the massive amount and maneuver in the middle of a storm that gripped the large ships are now playing a more significant portion of Black Flag. A sensation that successfully completed well.

Mobility with your personal ship - Jackdaw is not a difficult job. As well as driving a car in a racing game, you just need to set three levels of speed to move in the middle of the sea. The faster the ship moves, the harder she maneuvered, and vice versa. The combination and set the speed and dexterity of movement of the ship will provide an absolute advantage. Winds or large waves? Not something you need to think seriously. One thing is certain, move by ship will be consistently work you do in the Black Flag. What article? Because of such conditions in the real world, 80% of the total area of the Caribbean is the sea. You have to wade through this magnificent blue region to move from one to the other islands as well. Features fast-travel is included to shorten it, but can only be triggered in an area that was already once you passed earlier.

Being integrated in the main part of the gameplay, Ubisoft really serious mechanical build this one. Do not have far to praise how "life" of the ocean thanks to the dozens of colonial ships, civil, and pirates are passing in it, Ubisoft even provide technical features that make it a more enjoyable experience. You never again have to deal with loading time at all every time you go up and down from the ship and get the most from the nearest anyway. If it can be compared, this is no different when you're riding a horse when in the series AC before, staying up and the road. The difference? It's a big ship with dozens of cannons, crew, and a giant screen. Amazing!
Battle of the sea itself is not something that is difficult to master. Along with the progress and upgrades that you inject, Jackdaw has more than enough firepower to overcome any existing ships. You can automatically launch dozens of cannon iron bullets next to you, or firing Sharpnel to the exposed crucial points enemy ship, throwing mortar for long range combat, or to a more "barbaric" - with the muzzle of your ship crashed into the enemy ship . All done while maneuvering and make yourself survive from potential attacks there.

But it is not this that defines the nature of pirates who offered Black Flag, but the purpose of your attacking any existing ships. Absolutely, by subjecting the colonial war ships sailing in the sea, you have the opportunity to gain a variety of crucial resource, not just to get a little money, but also as a key ingredient to strengthen your ship - Jackdaw own. It is amazing also shown Ubisoft in this one mechanism.
Successfully wound opponents ship until a certain point, you can climb aboard the opponent in real-time and fight for control of the main. Objective side will appear giving guidelines of what you should do to take control of the ship, from simply killing enemies in a certain amount to hoist the black flag at the top of the ship. In addition to providing a unique resource in a certain amount, you will be faced with three choices for actions that you can apply after seizing the ship: destroy it to obtain raw materials improve Jackdaw, releasing it to reduce levels of fugitive, or recruited as your own personal fleet.

Interesting, this may be the first impression that you get one of these mechanisms. However, with the need to strengthen the Jackdaw and consistently collect resources and money needed, you will continue to plow every ship that you encounter. Especially when spyglass shows the status of the ship that is central to haul all the resources you need. Along with the away game, a mechanism that should amaze and delight is slowly but surely end up being a "liability" tedious, time consuming, and feels increasingly repetitive. If only Ubisoft provide an alternative option to not force you have to invade every existing vessels, of this problem will not seem significant. Various extra challenges such as Fort is also presented. This giant fortress act not unlike Borgia Tower in Brotherhood and Far Cry 3. Defeat will open up access to a myriad of other extra features in the surrounding area.

Not just hijack ships, Edward position as a commander who qualified at the top of the ocean is also increasingly evident through two other activities that are not less exciting. First, of course, a giant sea beast class hunting sharks and humpback whales though. Through a small mini-game that is not too difficult to be subdued, this event will give you the skin and bones that you need in the process of crafting or just sold. The second activity? Not a pirate name, if you are not interested in dozens of sunken treasure along the transport shipwreck. With a giant bell diving as a place to get some air, you can explore the underwater atmosphere while open every treasure that usually gives super important items. But do not expect this process easy, since almost every animal you encounter while diving as it is designed to kill you quickly. The controls are not intuitive counted also make the process itself is quite difficult. Not only hunt in the sea, you can also treasure hunt throughout the Caribbean are the coordinates of the position will be open by the number of maps you find.

For business to portray as a pirate Kenway remarkable, Ubisoft deserve to get compliments four thumbs up for all the effort they did, not only in the story, but also the gameplay mechanics detail above sea outstanding.


So can the Kenway find Sage and get Observatory technology behind this? How is its position in the conflict between the Templars and the Assassins? Can he build Nassau as it had been his dream? Is it still going to be an Assassin "fake"? All of these answers can be found by playing AC IV: Black Flag.


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