Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm: Generations review

Never give up, potential great power, naive, does not know fear, and walked in the moral line without a gap is sufficiently describe the heroic figure of one of the best anime character "cliche" this - Naruto. As one of the anime that achieved tremendous popularity in Indonesia, Naruto has indeed been transformed into a figure idol for most of the children in the present. Pemungkas movement depicted mainstay destructive, plot and conflict fishing curiosity, and visualize a beautiful style does make this anime fan base starting to get big. Not surprisingly, many developers are trying to adapt it as a video game.
Naruto's presence in the world of gaming industry is no longer something new. Since the new rising popularity, it has become one of the anime franchise that appears most frequently in older consoles - Playstation 2. The presence of the current generation consoles - Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are also slowly starting to be a comfortable place for a ninja with her orange outfit typical Here you are. Although most come as a fighting game, every series that uses the name Naruto Shippuden series of original and which tells the life of his adult life, often achieved remarkable success. With consistently good momentum this, Naruto has become an anime with "schedule" as performed definite release. The new series? Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations of CyberConnect2 and Namco Bandai.
Of so many themed fighting game series Naruto is almost similar to each other, then what the advantages brought by Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is this? Why he became a series that deserves to be collected by the true fans of this anime franchise?

Unlike the fighting game series in the past, there is a tendency that the game-based anime fighting game today more often displayed in three-dimensional concept that impressed fight more freely. Instead of just moving and beat from one side to the other, you are given the freedom to move the character in the three-dimensional model of the environment, where you can move in any direction. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations also brought the concept of the same fight. Dynamic camera system is also able to ensure there will be no characters were harmed in the fight, even if you are in a position far though. For business this one, Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations deserves two thumbs up.
Battle system that is also sure you can execute all types of attacks with a very simple mechanism. Pressing the button will display the punch and the direction of the long combo attacks that will end with a big attack that cinematic. In contrast to other fighting games that rely on a combination of mastery combo and big moves, Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is just a matter of execution of movement in the right timing. Avoid enemy attacks with replacement jutsu and do a counter-attack and to find the right time to attack the strongest will be the essence of every fight that you will encounter. You can also take advantage of other team members to launch small attacks that will make the enemy "busy" while you set the next attack strategy.
CyberConnect2 also seems to still persist with the concept of fighting games are more focused on the experience as a "visual" than presenting the complexity of the "standard" which is usually presented by a fighting game. Execution big moves can be done very easily. You just collect chakra in sufficient quantities, prepare yourself with it (which is visible as a blue flame that burns around the body of a character) and simply press the punch button to generate a mainstay attack with a big damage. Next? Enjoy all the effects and explosions feast for the eyes.
Simplicity displayed by Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is making it accessible to any typical gamer, even those who are not familiar with the previous fighting game. It may be concluded that the latest series Naruto game is also still more concerned with an element of fun, with a focus to capture Naruto anime fans around the world.
Myriad Iconic Character for Your Use
In addition to the battle system running more smooth and flowing than its predecessor series, Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations also has a myriad of iconic characters from the anime and manga series to be sure you know, of course, if you are one of the fans of this franchise. There are more than 72 playable characters that you can use in Free Battle mode against your friends or Online Battle against gamers around the world. Almost all the characters familiar from the early adventures of Naruto to his epic battle against Pain in Konoha presented here, including the Kage and past Hokage. How to open it? You must complete each story of every character in Story Mode.
The main advantage of this game is not just of presenting a character with such a large amount, but also adaptation of "characteristics" are counted qualified for her. The most important identity of each character can be displayed with ciamik, in terms of design to the distinctive fighting style that is synonymous with certain characters. Examples? One member of Akatsuki - Deidara which is known as the "explosives expert" and specialist remote attacks. With the same feel of the anime series, you will also find the figure Deidara focusing ability and style similar attack in Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is.
Enjoy-Content Original Content that Unprecedented!

What distinguishes between the Naruto manga and anime version? Why are more fans of this series who prefer to follow the existing version of the manga than the anime series even though it presents an impression of a more "live" through dynamic movement? The answer of course is no controversy presence of filler episodes that often make the story in the anime is much slower than the manga version. While on the other hand, manga, even static, comes with an effective timeline without having to mess around with the other stories that sometimes do not contribute significantly to the main timeline. So what to do with the series Storm Generations this time? Believe it or not, CyberConnect2 turns presenting quite a lot of content "filler" that great original, has a very strong relationship with the existing fabric of the main story, thus making it as one of the attractions that will be difficult to be rejected by the fans of Naruto, either manga or anime lovers .
One example is the background story that surrounds one of the most mysterious figures in the whole ninja world of Naruto - Kakashi Hatake. If in the manga and anime series, you are only given a chance to see past look like related Kakashi Obito Uchiha and Sharingan eye are acquired, then the Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations have come up with another background story. This game brings original content that tells Kakashi childhood closeness with the figure of the teacher - Minato, father of Naruto himself. Remarkably again? This original content is presented in the form of high-definition anime with outstanding quality. A "temptation" that may not be rejected by lovers of the Naruto series.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - Playstation 3

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