tortuga: two Treasures is a game that I play by accidentally. This was from when I meet my friends who complain that they can not install tortuga two treasure from the DVD to his computer. With the intention to help my friend's (I'm a fellow … huh… :P), then I install the game into my acer 4530 (the graphic card is good enough ... ... =)).
After a while, the installation was successful, I guest the DVD game is still good, may be my friend’s DVD room have broke down.
Fad after install, then I try the game. First on the menu will appear as the general game menus , such as the new game, load game, options, etc.. The first thing I do is go into the option, which is graphic option, because we can adjust the graphics card that we have, in order to expedite play this game. After already set the graphic option, I go to the control, which appeared in tortuga: two treasure supporting joypad for the PC or notebook, so it will be enough to play it in ease.
Once completed on the option, I also started playing this game, after several hours I played this game, I can draw the conclusion that this game adventure genre, the adventure of a pirate who is Thomas "Hawk" Blythe.
In this game we will be in two modes:

1. land mode.
In this mode, we will play a pirate character who will find a variety of missions on land. During this time I get a new mission-the mission on land that requires expertise in a sword fight, whether between pirates, with the army and army of Europe. In this mode we can also use the items acquired, through the purchase of property and wealth that we find around our place. For purchase, we can only purchase the items in the course of time, such as at the time of completing the mission is complete. It for items such as:
a. healing Potion
Potion that can heal us when we are injured, injury can be seen when the bar shows the life becomes reduced, the remaining short bar will be more severe the injury suffered. To use this item enough to activate the cursor (hold the "SPACE" button [default]) and then navigate to the cursor on the item you want (to be described with the healing Potion bottles), and click the left. If healing Potion successfully used, the life bar will increase (even full)
b. gun
item that is used to disable the opponent from a far enough distance. For this item I rarely use it (I prefer buy healing potions). The way use it is same way with other items.
when on land mode, we can get a new movement, during this run with the land in the quest I get some movement out of the NPC it. New movement is very helpful in the fight later. For example, if we don’t have the movement to kick, we can not overcome the enemy Parry. Because Parry function is to repel the enemy's sword. For the new movement, simply follow the instructions on the key combination to press to use it. < 2. sea modeThis is my favorite mode, because we will be the pirate ship captain here that will destroy other pirate ships or the Europe army ship. Depending on the size of the ship's mission is executed, the larger ships will be more strong and resistant also more ship crew. to roll up the sail just pressing "up" button (default), and pressing "down" button (default) so that the ship became more slow or stop if you want to simply roll the screen of all, the ship will stop. To guidance it just press / hold "left" and "right" arrow.
Now to shoot, shoot for me for using the "square" on the joypad (I think the default is "left Klick"), shoot could only be done when we are in the distance and shoot at a position that allows for the shoot. Levels of accuracy and the number of bullet highly depends on the position and the distance between our ships and enemy ships, the conditions for it by see the circle that appears at the ship when the enemy in shoot range . every color circle has a distinctive meaning, such as:
a. orange cross hair
When the distance and position, we're not too good in the shoot , orange hair cross will appear on the enemy ship, when we shoot at the time such circumstances, the bullet is only shoot slightly and the accuracy is very bad
b. yellow cross hair
this is a sign that says the distance and position that we get quite ideal (are) in the shot.
c. green cross hair
this is a sign that says the distance and position that we get is the ideal in the shot. Conditions like this can make the result we shot a lot of the parts of enemy ships.

Shoot position is also influenced by the our circumstances ship itself, example
; cannon in the shell side of the ship can not be used because has damaged by enemy ship, then to shoot from side ship, will not be effective, or even can not shoot, this is not marked by the emergence of cross hair on the enemy ship (depending on which side is broken, can be right or left).
Damage to the ship can be seen from the sketch color of the ship have, such as:
a. green
when the sketch is still on the boat all green or a green part, then the green is still good, and does not need to repair.
b. yellow
when the sketch is still on the boat all yellow or a yellow part, then the yellow is slightly damaged, you should leave it first, because such damage is still in the stage light.
blueprint on the ship when the color is orange or brown all one part, the part that is brownish orange is pretty severe damage, you should immediately repair it before it become red.
d. red
when the sketch on the boat is one of the red part, then the red meaning is destroyed, you should immediately repair the red part before all sketch become red, because when all is red, then our ship will wreck, and the game ended.

In each race in the sea, not probably not the crew or our enemy’s crew will plunged on sea when be shot. When this happens, immediately directed to the our crew ship / enemy’s crew who is plunged on the sea, so they will become our crew. When not taken immediately then the crew can fall into the sharks in the sea. (are you heartless? lol).

A ghost ship sometimes will appear at the sea (woooo scary ????) can not be destroyed, only the avoiding, as far as possible, because they will catch the crew soul and lives away . I play this game, when we run out of the soul of body, then the game ends (boat without a crew? Surely can not sails ... .. lol).

For items that can be used on this ship are:
a. sail kit
This item is used to repair a torn screen we shot a result of the opponent, if not immediately repaired boat we will not be able reach the maximum speed, so that the enemies will be easy to chase us.
b. hull kit
This item is used to repair wall damaged by the ship's boat and shot from the sea coral infected
c. cannon repair kit
This item is used to fix our broken cannon, cannon damaged will not be able to shoot, even though the distance and position of our ships have been ideal.
d. Barrel
These items are used as traps for the enemy ship, use this item when located in front of the enemy, because the barrel is a long time to explode.
e. Kraken bait
such as the barrel, this item serves to slow the pace for a few enemies at a time when the damage to the enemy ship with a giant octopus (I imagine how giant octopus is cooked in? Lol)

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