one month ago, I purchased this game. I choose this game because of previous experience based on the play Battlefield 1942. according to my expectation, in the battlefield 2, graphed better from Battlefield 1942 in terms of gameplay, not much different, because the both of them are the first person shooting genre. As in Battlefield 1942, on Battlefield 2 we can take a variety of vehicles such as a war tank, helicopter, boat, etc. For ease in controlling the vehicle, Battlefield 2 provides features 3rd person camera (see picture), so we can see all of our vehicle by 3Rd person side to make easy for the acceleration. However, this feature is not effective to use it when face the enemy, because it will be very difficult to shoot the enemy with a camera like this, because cross hair feature does not exist in the 3rd person camera, in the previous Battlefield 1942 has provided this feature also, so the veteran on Battlefield 1942 surely already know with this feature ^ _ ^. To play this game, we will select the team in play, for Battlefield 2 we can choose one of team provided in the game, depend on the selected map. There are 3 teams that can be selected that are MEC (Arabian), USMC (USA), and CHINA. The options for the army that will be played in this game is not much different with the other FPS games, for details were as follows: (just check the picture out)
1.Assault The type to attack and fight with a short distance, equipped with attacking gun to immobilize the opponent and also equipped with a grenade launcher , is effective to kill the soldier in the group. This soldier is also equipped with a flash bang to make the limit the enemy’s vision distance when they are approaching, so we can blurred, and hiding to attack. The Armor of this type is very good, then the body resistant will great when receiving shot around the body.
2.Sniper The type to attack and fight with long-distance, equipped with the special sniper rifle with a scope that can zoom for long distance. So, the enemy can be immobilized with a perfect accuracy to kill. CHINA and MEC has more advantages than USMC sniper, because they do not need to switch for recharge the bullets at any one time shoot, MEC and CHINA’s sniper can shoot continuously until the bullets runs out, and no need to exit the sniping. This type is also equipped with a hand grenades.
3.Combat medic This type is specially to helping a friend who hit by enemy, even for the dying soldier (wow ... ... ..). Equipped with the M16 rifle for USMC (hopefully correct ... .. lol), medical tool box and heart shocker for a dying friend. This type is also equipped with a hand grenades.
4.Support I called it as a running arsenal (lol), because the main function of this type is as an arsenal for friends. The soldier is equipped with a machine gun that the capacity up to 200 bullets once magazine. This type is also equipped with a hand grenades…. ”Incoming !!!!!!!” . Drive a vehicle without the engineer will be suck, because engineer work as a vehicle repair when get damage. This type is also equipped with a land mine that could blow tanks and other vehicles. Weapons held by this type is shotgun “I WILL blow your head (lol)” , it effective on close combat. This type is also equipped with a hand grenades.
6.Special forces This Soldier equipped with a laser to shoot, so effective for the both short – middle distances. The advantages of this type are they equipped with C4 to blow up the enemy, just place the c4 and hide, then take the remote by pressing the right click on your mouse, then left click to detonate the C4… ”fire in the hole !!!!!” This type is also equipped with a hand grenades.
7.Anti-Tank This is my favorite type of map that provides for the tank as a vehicle, “it's fun when you blow some tanks” (lol), requires at least 3 times to blow a tank by RPG (fuih .......). With weapons of war for the rifle range, this type into nightmare for both driver land and sea vehicles. For the aircraft unit is very difficult to shoot with its RPG, it takes great skill and calculation to be able to shoot a helicopter with a RPG (I successful take down a helicopter with RPG only 1 time .... Lol), but to combat jet, I think will not be able to shoot with the RPG, in Battlefield 2 has provided anti-aircraft to immobilize combat jets, Helicopters and choppers (cool ... .... just check the pic out).
Each soldiers has a type of knife and hand gun defense for the last shot when they gun out, a knife is very effective when the enemy is very close distance. In Battlefield 2 have features that use radio as a means of communication between the army as for giving orders, ask for help, even give the enemy position. Hold the "Q" and move the cursor to command, when you meet the enemies then you intend to give their position as a threat, just hold the "Q" and navigate it on "SPOTTED” to the enemy and left click on "SPOTTED" is (just check the pic out), then the enemies will be appear in the map with the red mark as a result, so your friends can know the exactly position of the enemies. If you do not have adequate internet connection you can play with friends by LAN features, but based on my experience, a LAN feature could work well when update your Battlefield 2 to patch 1.4.1. I think enough for now ... ... For further review, I will continue more later ... ..

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