I have been played this game since two years (i play it sometimes, but very intense in the first playing ) . and i will try to review this game for us.
i have played other First person Shooting Games that use modern war or world war as a back ground in the games, before I found this game. than i found something different in this game (battlefield 1942 and the other battlefield versions), the different that is very prominent from other First person Shooting Games such as the player can use any vehicles that available on battlefield 1942, and it is unique and very historically vehicle that is use in world war.
EA sport for the developer of this game has added bigger map on battlefield like using world war maps ( at for me this map as world war II, sorry for my knowledge lol),such as France,germany,england,Uni Soviet,Egypt,etc. So, you can get the latest available series of your battlefield 1942 to the internet for more maps, vehicles, bug fix, etc. it for your battlefieldfield 1942 best game. for the example of the bug, when the tanks moving you will see the soldiers in and out into a tank freely if you do not update your battlefield 1942 games, that is impossible in a real war,lol.
my favorite soldier is a combat medic, he can cure himself and other friends who can longer our live and our friends (that is why i like to use this soldier type, lol).
one of important thing is this game can play the multiplayer mode,(do you want to play it with me?) it is mean we can play multiplayer mode for online or Local Area Network (LAN). but before you do it on online or LAN, your version of BF 1942 game, must be same with your friends.
i like to use combat airplane in this game,because it fun to shoot your enemy from air and acceleration on enemy HQ.
with joypad, i can drive my plane easily,and with 3rd person camera, it is perfect.
i think enough for now, i will continue later..
i hope you like my experience with this game.


Advantages:big map,can use any vehicle that available,great gameplay (it is my opinion, lol)

Disadvantages: the graphics is not special, but still good. some bugs still happened

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