Assassin’s Creed 3 Review

The appearance still Assassin’s Creed style with hood and weapon on both hand. The different is he use a tomahawk axe and a gun as weapon, and also have a bow on his back. Is he an Indian? We don’t know exactly.

Road Number One Movie Review

Korean war, that’s the main situation of this drama, it for remembering 60 years of Korean war. The main storyline is about the young couple who falling in love before the war declared and live near the 38th parallel called ROAD NUMBER ONE, border between south and north.

IPhone 4 Review

IPhone 4 appearance has been changed by apple without forgot it’s originality about the previous version. There is 2 colors can choose, white and black depend on your will. For wi-fi hunter,this Iphone can be your choice, because Wi-Fi has been installed. Itunes also worked on this iPhone.

Windows 8 Developer Review

Windows 8 developer preview has been released by Microsoft for windows 8 beta test. Microsoft release this preview for get some feedback from the users before the final version launch.

Borderlands 2 Game Review

Don’t miss understanding, I am is one of borderlands fans. honestly, its not good game. The plot is bad, the RPG unsure just only char development (skill), and actually I never “tied” with the character.

NEWEST IPad review

Apple has been launched the third generation of IPad, apple told the sharp resolution can made the word on the screen will more clearly than the printed result. Below are the review:

  • the newest IPad have full HD with 3,1 million pixel dan quad-core A5x processor. This processor can playing 3D game, or can handling 50 plane that on battle.
  • the graphics are equal with Xbox 360 or PS3

  • garageband software give a possibility to doing “jam session” by Wi-Fi.

  • I’sight camera with 5 MP that can record a full HD video, iMovie software can edit full HD video on the screen.
  • new application like iWork to photo editing on the screen.

  • cropping, brightness, and red-eye effect reduction can doing on the screen.

  • 9,7 inch screen with 2048 x 1536 resolutions
  • 653 grams weight