Don’t miss understanding, I am is one of borderlands fans. honestly, its not good game. The plot is bad, the RPG unsure just only char development (skill), and actually I never “tied” with the character. If this game doesn’t make the player enjoy it, and addictive looting system, it will be more players want to disband . luckily borderlands 2 has tried to fix everything that “minus” on the previous sequel.

For questing, borderlands 2 will be more like western-RPG, we can choose the result of every quest. For example, if you too much spend time when doing a quest, it can be failed, this will affected on event and story that we will facing. They added day and night rotation too. The NPC will on different place depend on day an night
Beside quest, Enemy’s AI also drastically increase, now they can looking better position to attacking, can flanking you, even they can heal each others ( WTF!!!!!!!!!!). of course you also equipped with new “things” to against this AI. For example, you can shoot a specific enemy’s part (head, arms, or leg) to cause different effect. Upgrade system for weapon and vehicles and new skills also.

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