Great Serials: Road Number One

• Title: 로드 넘버원 / Road No. 1 / Road Number One
• Genre: Action, drama, romance, war
• Episodes: 20
• Broadcast Network: MBC
• Broadcast period: 2010-Jun-23 to 2010-Aug-26
• Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Korean war, that’s the main situation of this drama, it for remembering 60 years of Korean war. The main storyline is about the young couple who falling in love before the war declared and live near the 38th parallel called ROAD NUMBER ONE, border between south and north.
Lee Jang Woo is a son of a servant in the house, he falling in love with his lord’s daughter. Kim Soo Yeon are the one of lord’s daughter who falling in love to Lee Jang Woo. Their relationship doesn’t accepted by their family, especially Kim Soo Yeon’s brother who’s the lord of the house and family.
To gain a popularity and money Lee Jang Woo apply as mercenaries soldier against guerilla troops, and Kim Soo Yeon worked as a doctor on their village. Lee Jang Woo fought hard and almost Killed In Action (KIA), but he reported KIA or missing in action (MIA) to his family.
Kim Soo Yeon think jang woo has died, and feel so depressed, then she tried to end her life by jump over a bridge. A soldier named Shin Tae Ho came to rescued and falling in love to her, then propose a marriage after know each other.

Jang woo come back as a sergeant for the latest rank and found soo yeon will married, he tried to get her back. The situation of north and south became more seriously, the rumor about northern’s assault has spread, and southern soldier plan to set bombs on the first bridge to prevent NKPA (north Korean people army) to enter the south area deeper. Shin Tae Ho told to Kim Soo Yeon about bombs set plan tomorrow night, and Kim Soo Yeon accidentally revealed it to her little sister and leaked by her brothers who’s northern supporters. The plan has been failed after a small group of local northern supporters attacked the bomb squads and forced the south to cancel the plan. Soo Yeon’s brother has been shot and got seriously injured, and retreat, Tae Ho pursuing and found Soo Yeon help curing the northern supporters. . Tae Ho think Soo Yeon betrayed him and retreated, left soo yeon in the burning house. Jang woo came and rescued soo yoon, soo yoon’s brother also retreated. Soo yeon confuse, he must choose jang woo or her brother who have ill, and he decide to follow her brother to the north. Jang woo back to the army, as experienced and conscript age, he must serve the military duty on the war.
His experienced against guerilla troops as mercenaries made him often to choose right decision and great leadership. His rank rise quickly battle after battle, and finally higher than Tae Ho who’s his rivals to get soo yeon’s love back.
How the end of this serials? Can Jang woo meet Soo Yeon again? You must watch it by yourself……

Many action, drama, even comedy scene on this serials, in this serials we can know relationship between some soldiers on the 2nd company too. Made us understand about civil wars, The same blood against each others.

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