iPhone 4 review

Iphone 4 appearance has been changed by apple without forgot it’s originality about the previous version. There is 2 colors can choose, white and black depend on your will. For wi-fi hunter,this Iphone can be your choice, because Wi-Fi has been installed. Itunes also worked on this iPhone.
Video player quality has been improved too, such as sharpness and resolution that possibility to playing high quality video. Many language has been inserted on this iPhone, start from English until Vietnamese.
This smart phone supported GPS and 3G. Ichat fixed with 5 MP front camera and flash LED also, HD video recorder, A4 Apple processor, and 3-axis gyroscope. Longer battery power that can speak more longer up to 40%. This slimmest s smartphone on the world designed with elegant stainless steel and glass. There is two available memory size, 16 GB and 32 GB

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