Yesterday one of Indonesian tv channel invited some ex-world football players such as Fabio Cannavaro, edgar davids, marco materazzi, denilson, Robert pires, etc . they invited to play indoor soccer (show ball) on Jakarta.

Before they play, there is a “speciall” talkshow called “go go star ball” who invite them to talk about the event or about their personal story.
On the one of segment the host said has invite ronaldinho too on the talkshow. Cannavaro surprised, because he never know Ronaldinho will also come to Jakarta. Actually, ronaldinho never came, the person who called ronaldinho is just “fake Ronaldinho”, but he have some similarity with Ronnie. This man called “Ronaldikin” his sure name is “Sodikin”. He is an entertainer for various tv show and serials, and also on tv advertising.
What the next ? cannavaro ask to ronaldikin to take a picture (hey….usually we will ask the artist to take their picture….how lucky Ronaldikin….. ^^)

Cannavaro uploaded it to his twitter and got a response from his friends, include wesley sneijder.

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