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Almost all gamers fans who had tasted the Western RPG Dragon Age Origins in the past is certainly very understanding charm blends franchise Bioware this one. The opportunity to enjoy a cool adventure in a fantasy world full of demons and dragons that must be destroyed, Dragon Age also brings the power of Bioware in it - a full scenario selection and sequence of consequences that must be faced. Unfortunately, the charm was taken away in the second series which eventually led to a lot of criticisms. Bioware promised to "fix" the big name franchise in the latest series - Dragon Age: Inquisition who eventually go on sale.
With the power of Frostbite 3.0, it did appear as a series with a powerful visualization quality, especially with the circuit design of the characters and the world of Bioware charming. Back to the roots Origins by injecting tactical mode in it, inquisitions turns offering more than an action RPG game that had you known. He appeared as the latest generation project that not only look more charming in cosmetics, but also offers new features that increasingly enriching experience there.

So, what is offered by Dragon Age: inquisitions this? Why do we call it a super epic RPG experience? This review will discuss it in for you
Thedas is a repository of threat, the previous two series Dragon Age seems to be enough to prove it. Brunt of the Darkspawn, factional warfare and racial, political conflict in large kingdoms, until the end of the world that seemed to already be at the tip of the fantasy world adorn this one. But from this darkness, emerging stories extraordinary heroism. A fate that seems to await Evelyn - the main character that we use in Dragon Age: Inquisition.
No one can give a definite explanation of what makes the sky Thedas torn and spawned a pillar of green energy that falls to earth. The same incident is not only killing the highly respected senior Chantry - The Divine, but also gave birth to Evelyn - who mysteriously survived the tragedy of this one. Not only survived, he also assumed a mysterious force called "Anchor" that makes her glow green, something that has never been found in previous Thedas. Under investigation right hand of The Divine - Cassandra and Leliana, Anchor function turned out to grow into something crucial. Evelyn has the ability to control Rift - green gate that seems to connect the world of Satan and Thedas itself. The same gate that also tore the sky's the world that should be beautiful.
With the ability Evelyn, Thedas had a chance to rise. In the middle of the empty leadership Chantry, Cassandra and Leliana decided to "turn on" the back of a special unit - The Inquisition as an emergency response to save Thedas - of course with the primary mission to close the portal giant towering to the sky. Recruit more workers and engaged in important missions in two large regions Thedas - Orlais and Ferelden to gather support, The Inquisition is based in Haven finally gather enough strength to close the giant portal. Evelyn perform the task perfectly. But the return of the sky Thedas not necessarily be the end of the journey, that this world will be peaceful. Green pillar is just the beginning of more tragedy.

In the midst of enjoying the peacefulness of this effort, a surprise attack it destroyed the Inquisition. Haven is falling apart in the middle of the brunt of the force is so massive Tevinter. With base defense is so bad and the number of people who lack, Evelyn could not last long. In the midst of this reason, he met with the brains behind all the existing conflicts - a creature named - Corypheus are also riding a huge dragon which is believed to be Archdemon - a source of strength scary - Blight. Corypheus strength finally managed to subdue the Inquisition, killing many people, and almost makes Evelyn own dying. But the cutting edge of Thedas are not giving up hope.
Assisted by the other members of the race Elf Inquisition - Solas, The Inquisition finally survive and find a "home" new - Skyhold. Than just destroy the green pillar, they now have an important mission - to find ways and sufficient strength to subdue Corypheus full of trickery. As an ongoing story, you certainly will meet with many iconic characters of Dragon Age in the past that now appear with visual and more mature personality.
So, what exactly is the plan Corypheus? Who was Evelyn and why he could have survived the initial blast in Rift? Is The Inquisition will be able to survive? All the answers to these questions will shown by playing Dragon Age: Inquisition  ..

Dragon Age Inquisition (Deluxe Edition) - PlayStation 4

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