Ghost Recon – Future Soldier Review

Ghost Recon big name as one of the military shooter game franchise is not in doubt. But unlike the majority of similar games are more themed arcade, Ghost Recon always synonymous with a more realistic gameplay and tactical. You almost impossible to complete missions with just rely on courage, daring, and shot bullets blindly. Game franchise this one always requires you to think strategically, establish a plan, effectively killing, and avoid confrontation as much as possible. This is the identity of a Ghost Recon. Revive a franchise that has a long vacuum is not an easy job. Therefore, no exaggeration if Ubisoft trying to present a surprise to create a new concept for Ghost Recon. Through Future Soldier, Ghost Recon displays a lot of things that were never presented in the previous series. The first breakthrough came of course its gameplay which is now turned into a third person shooter that is more focused on using technology effectively and efficiently. But on the other hand, it still comes with a variety of distinctive elements of Ghost Recon as irreplaceable. So what about the overall performance of this game? Can he deliver the same sensation although Ghost Recon  

comes a new concept? This conflict own story starts when you play one team member must Predator finally killed while on duty in Nicaragua due to the massive bomb blast. United States certainly is not standing still receive this kind of attack. They immediately formed a team reactive with "Hunter" which consists of members of the special with the code name "Ghost Leader", "Pepper", "30K", and characters you use - "Kozak". The ultimate goal? Finding those responsible for this bombing and cut a growing distribution of illegal weapons in tow. Hunter himself had designed a special unit that is not only trained in the military, but also equipped with the most advanced US military equipment. This process turned out to bring the Hunter into a much deeper conspiracy. Investigations were conducted by a team of Hunter bring them down arms trafficking networks throughout the world, from the conflict areas of Zambia in Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Norway, to go to one point: a group of extremists who call themselves Raven's Rock based in Russia. But Raven's Rock is not just an ordinary terrorist group that just take up arms and fight for ideals that "absurd". This organization has been infiltrated into the government bureaucracy of Russia and have access to various information and technology Russian military official. Tim Hunter to meet the challenges of a super-heavy.  

With greater strength and complete logistics, Raven's Rock finally launched a coup against Russia and dropped their official government. Doubtless, Hunter mission is far more complex than their initial mission. It's no longer just looking for an armed group without a name, but a mission to overthrow a country seized by military force unofficial. Can Hunter able to drop Raven's Rock? Can Russia saved from military coup this time? You have to play this game to find the answer.


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